Echo 5 – Sameness 1

  They say you’re a (wo)man’s best friend but only another you can truely understand


Echo 3 – Abandoned or not

  You’ve been left alone such a long time  I’m surprised nothing’s made you home Perhaps you’ll disappear Only to be found Fighting for light Amongst the feisty thistles And meddling nettles


Echo 1 – I am a pod snake 3

I am a pod snake Cut me – see I am a bringer of life (This is the first in what I hope will be a new managable creative project for me whilst my energy levels continue to be very low. My intention is to reflect on a photo I […]

Companionship, change & centering

    I have been craving blogging again. Unfortunately my energy limits have been getting smaller. So for now, I’m compromising by settling for quick and short posts. Companionship – the weather is turning warmer and sunnier, for now at least. Bobby & I have resumed one of our favourite […]


The Writing Podcast no.9 – Planning & mental space

  In which I talk about weekly planning, prioritising, the power of spending more time on offline reading, and ideas for a newsletter. With thanks to Marigold for information on her planning approach. Stuff I’ve been enjoying reading offline this week: Mslexia The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett Brittle Star 35 Bare Fiction […]



The Writing Podcast no.8 – The freedom of the tray & tipsy inspiration

I’m talking about the benefits of being able to work where I want in the house, and some gin and tonic fuelled poetry. The article I refer to on Laura Hillenbrand can be accessed via listen to ‘Freedom of tray & tipsy inspiration’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro