Echo 33 – Clearing   Recently updated !

  I wonder what has been displaced or even died to give us this path back that we so value ***      

rain on leaves

Echo 29 – Rainshine

    Summer rain on decaying leaves brightens the air and a miserable soul ***  

Echo 28 – Living 1

  Us, and our adventures, amongst the embroidered ivy, mossy baize, healing wood, and dry, dry earth  


who you are

Echo 27 – For who you are 2

  So you may not speak in human words but I have learnt your language through getting to know you for who you are ***    

climb 3

Echo 25 – Tree climber

  We’d heard Tibetan Terriers can climb trees Today you proved it  jumping right up the steepest part gradually placing your soft paws in a circle to come back down and sit beside me on this mossy ledge even though you had to balance carefully all the time           ***