Companionship, change & centering

    I have been craving blogging again. Unfortunately my energy limits have been getting smaller. So for now, I’m compromising by settling for quick and short posts. Companionship – the weather is turning warmer and sunnier, for now at least. Bobby & I have resumed one of our favourite […]


The Writing Podcast no.9 – Planning & mental space

  In which I talk about weekly planning, prioritising, the power of spending more time on offline reading, and ideas for a newsletter. With thanks to Marigold for information on her planning approach. Stuff I’ve been enjoying reading offline this week: Mslexia The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett Brittle Star 35 Bare Fiction […]



The Writing Podcast no.8 – The freedom of the tray & tipsy inspiration

I’m talking about the benefits of being able to work where I want in the house, and some gin and tonic fuelled poetry. The article I refer to on Laura Hillenbrand can be accessed via listen to ‘Freedom of tray & tipsy inspiration’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Writing Podcast no.7 – Fear and philosophy

  In this podcast I am reflecting on fears which get in the way of writing, namely: Is it good enough? and Is it worthwhile? If anyone has the answers, let me know! listen to ‘TWP7 – Fear & philosophy’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro



The Writing Podcast no.6 – or rather the Not Writing Podcast

  In which I try not to sound like I’m making excuses and reflect on how to be more realistic about the amount of energy available for editing in any given week.   listen to ‘TWP-or rather the Not Writing Pod’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Writing Podcast no.5 – Realistic goals

On achieving my editing goals for the week, adapting the process, submissions and getting back to regular drawing. It’s been a good week and I hope to keep it that way by staying realistic.   listen to ‘TWP no.5 – Realistic goals’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro



The Writing Podcast no.4 – Tiny steps & holiday

  This week I talk about managing a tiny bit of editing, drawing, my goals for next week, and about the pleasure of turning a visit from family into a ‘holiday’. listen to ‘TWP no.4 – Tiny steps & holiday’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Writing Podcast no.3 – Paths of least resistance

In which I’m talking mainly about things loosely to do with writing, including podcasts = comfort, fighting the urge to website revamp again, and trying a different rhythm to the day. listen to ‘TWP no.3 – Paths of least resistance’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro



The Writing Podcast no.2 – Struggling with the gods

(Pencil drawing from Saturday Drawing Club which I probably shouldn’t have gone to and may have to give up, boo hiss.)   So it’s been a hard week but as you’ll hear, some editing has happened. However, BlogPadPro seems to be working ok again, so perhaps this is a sign […]