The Writing Podcast no.6 – or rather the Not Writing Podcast   Recently updated !

  In which I try not to sound like I’m making excuses and reflect on how to be more realistic about the amount of energy available for editing in any given week.   listen to ‘TWP-or rather the Not Writing Pod’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro



The Writing Podcast no.5 – Realistic goals

On achieving my editing goals for the week, adapting the process, submissions and getting back to regular drawing. It’s been a good week and I hope to keep it that way by staying realistic.   listen to ‘TWP no.5 – Realistic goals’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Writing Podcast no.4 – Tiny steps & holiday

  This week I talk about managing a tiny bit of editing, drawing, my goals for next week, and about the pleasure of turning a visit from family into a ‘holiday’. listen to ‘TWP no.4 – Tiny steps & holiday’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro



The Writing Podcast no.3 – Paths of least resistance

In which I’m talking mainly about things loosely to do with writing, including podcasts = comfort, fighting the urge to website revamp again, and trying a different rhythm to the day. listen to ‘TWP no.3 – Paths of least resistance’ on audioBoom Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Writing Podcast no.2 – Struggling with the gods

(Pencil drawing from Saturday Drawing Club which I probably shouldn’t have gone to and may have to give up, boo hiss.)   So it’s been a hard week but as you’ll hear, some editing has happened. However, BlogPadPro seems to be working ok again, so perhaps this is a sign of a better week to […]



The Writing Podcast no.1 – Getting started again!

The Editing Tray A new start, I hope, to getting focused. Although if the technical challenges of getting this post done are anything to go by, it may be a very rocky new start. Anyway, podcast, and links to sites mentioned, below. listen to ‘Getting started again!’ on audioBoom   Michael Nobbs – Keris […]

Sea, hills and family

Last week was my first break away this year from the day-to-day, and it was good. A few tiring, happy days in Devon visiting my parents and then to West Milton, Dorset, for beautiful, peaceful countryside. Walking, pub lunches, snoozing, reading, Hive Beach in blazing sunshine. The few annoying problems that cropped up, like the […]



On moving, crashing, monitoring & acting

(Bobby demonstrating the rest position – note full use of my part of the bed) It has been nearly 2 months since we moved house. There was lots I wanted to tell you about but I was busy unpacking, cleaning, registering with doctors and dog sitters, meeting people,  and on until I crashed, whoops! Thing […]

Finding peace in creating art

I haven’t felt like writing recently, no blog posts, no work on the novel. Mental exhaustion from the ongoing drama of trying to move house, constantly chasing people, trying to get problems sorted, emailing back and forth – there just hasn’t been any space left to want to write. Until today. I put it down […]



ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2014 4

  Another year has passed and here we are again. Last year I wrote in detail about my experience of whatever it is I have. I say it that way because I’m still trying to find out whether it really is Fibro. Anyway, I’ve had a particularly awful couple of weeks brought on by house moving […]