Sea, hills and family

Last week was my first break away this year from the day-to-day, and it was good. A few tiring, happy days in Devon visiting my parents and then to West Milton, Dorset, for beautiful, peaceful countryside. Walking, pub lunches, snoozing, reading, Hive Beach in blazing sunshine. The few annoying problems that cropped up, like the […]



On moving, crashing, monitoring & acting

(Bobby demonstrating the rest position – note full use of my part of the bed) It has been nearly 2 months since we moved house. There was lots I wanted to tell you about but I was busy unpacking, cleaning, registering with doctors and dog sitters, meeting people,  and on until I crashed, whoops! Thing […]

Finding peace in creating art

I haven’t felt like writing recently, no blog posts, no work on the novel. Mental exhaustion from the ongoing drama of trying to move house, constantly chasing people, trying to get problems sorted, emailing back and forth – there just hasn’t been any space left to want to write. Until today. I put it down […]



ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2014 4

  Another year has passed and here we are again. Last year I wrote in detail about my experience of whatever it is I have. I say it that way because I’m still trying to find out whether it really is Fibro. Anyway, I’ve had a particularly awful couple of weeks brought on by house moving […]

For the love of Cow Parsley 2

All of a sudden the world around me has become tall, green and full of white flowers. Seeing Cow Parsley rising up at this time of year always fills me with happiness and a sense of my childhood. I am taken back to warm sunny days, blue skies, overgrown hedgerows and….the Brownies! Yes, for some […]



A dead fox & other things that help

Last week Bobby and I came across a dead fox. It was curled up in the sunshine, as if it had fallen asleep there and forgot to wake up. Unusally for Bobby when he comes across a dead creature, he held back. I wondered whether to cover it with something or report it to the […]

Reviewing the week 2

My preparation for Monday’s gig didn’t quite go according to plan. I crashed Sunday afternoon in a proper ‘I want to bawl my eyes out, I’ve no energy to do anything’ kind of way. Whoops! I know why it happened, I usually do, after. So Monday daytime was about trying to rest. Only in the […]


Some light 2

  So life has been quite rough recently, but it feels as if I can dare to be more hopeful: My mum is a fair bit better and we had a long chat on the phone at the weekend as she was back home for a couple of days. She expected to be discharged this […]



Following paths 6

Last year I started to learn about druidry. For some reason that I can’t remember, I returned the book to the library part-read and let it drop. I suspect because I couldn’t identify with some of what the book talked about. In the last few weeks I have found myself drawn back, as a result […]