Echo 104 – Shooting season

Humming to the trees a lament for the pheasants *** (No photos at the moment as I managed to drop my phone in water on a particularly fibro fogged evening!)

Echo 103 – Staying grounded

  Trying to conjure up something I don’t know My senses focus on this pools and whorls and cracks in old wood ***


Echo 101 – Misty webs

  Patterns seen in mist spiders and humans building creating wet drops rest in peace ***



Echo 100 – Deep in the furrows 2

  Ploughed deep in the furrows preparing for the growing *** I am amazed and delighted to have completed 100 of these little creative moments. I had decided that I’d stop at 100 and use the momentum to make space for something else, but I’m not sure I can let […]


Echo 96 – Seasonal woes

  Autumn – Some endings are more painful than others Think of me, my life, my death for I am not a toy ***