Spring is springing 1

I’m sitting outside in glorious weather surrounded by forget-me-nots. It feels like it’s been a busy time since I last posted, at least, as busy as my energy levels have allowed. I’ve been knitting away as usual. The jumper at the top is made from the back and sleeves of […]

Down, up, down, up

Well, almost immediately after the last post, I crashed for about 2 weeks…hmmmm….and ever since I have been dancing on the edge, frequently falling over said edge, of feeling ok. So life has slowed down again, not that I was going that fast. Yesterday was a crap day when staying […]

Creating and learning

I crashed this week. By which I mean I managed to make myself worse, exhausted, swollen glands and on Friday, lots and lots of pain. I hold my hand up. I overdid it. On the previous Friday we’d been to dog training. On Sunday we went to the monthly agility […]

Getting practical 2

Back to blogging….moving with my interests as always….. This year I am noticing a need to spend energy on practical things….and less time in my head… Luckily I am also feeling a bit better….a little more energy….less pain And one of the things that’s allowed me to do is return […]

Echo 104 – Shooting season

Humming to the trees a lament for the pheasants *** (No photos at the moment as I managed to drop my phone in water on a particularly fibro fogged evening!)

Echo 103 – Staying grounded

  Trying to conjure up something I don’t know My senses focus on this pools and whorls and cracks in old wood ***

Echo 101 – Misty webs

  Patterns seen in mist spiders and humans building creating wet drops rest in peace ***

Echo 100 – Deep in the furrows 2

  Ploughed deep in the furrows preparing for the growing *** I am amazed and delighted to have completed 100 of these little creative moments. I had decided that I’d stop at 100 and use the momentum to make space for something else, but I’m not sure I can let […]