Reviewing the week 2

My preparation for Monday’s gig didn’t quite go according to plan. I crashed Sunday afternoon in a proper ‘I want to bawl my eyes out, I’ve no energy to do anything’ kind of way. Whoops! I know why it happened, I usually do, after. So Monday daytime was about trying to rest. Only in the […]


Some light 2

  So life has been quite rough recently, but it feels as if I can dare to be more hopeful: My mum is a fair bit better and we had a long chat on the phone at the weekend as she was back home for a couple of days. She expected to be discharged this […]



Following paths 6

Last year I started to learn about druidry. For some reason that I can’t remember, I returned the book to the library part-read and let it drop. I suspect because I couldn’t identify with some of what the book talked about. In the last few weeks I have found myself drawn back, as a result […]

Minsden Chapel, skull & hares 2

Yesterday Bobby and I went in search of Minsden Chapel, one of the Hertfrodshire sites listed in Best Wild Places. When we arrived at the stile, unfortunately we found this… For a few moments I thought about going in anyway but a) I get very anxious breaking the rules and b) I have enough problems […]



Is what I am aware of, what I am experiencing?

At my NHS physio appointment this week I learnt that the label I had given to something I experience was not actually what I am experiencing. Eh?? I’ve been doing these small exercises for the deep flexor muscles in my neck. The tightness I was feeling in my face shifted, to be replaced by what […]

Ecotherapy art & following the Pole Star

    This is my first week after finishing therapy. It has been 18 months this time around and along with the Foundation course last year, has made such a difference to how I am. Before mum returned to hospital and entering house moving anxiety, I made the decision to let go of the weekly […]



Three thoughts

1. With all the rain has come a lot of mud and a lot of green life   2. This post on rest is excellent. So much resonates (like letting go of the need to do only intellectual things) and I had a lightbulb moment when it came to the point about continuing a sense of […]

My last Mslexia stint, & cooking

Well my Mslexia guest blogging slot has come to an end. I will really miss it because it gave me the opportunity to ‘meet’ different people. My final post is not perhaps the most cheery, but it definitely reflects the challenges I’m facing at the moment. Friday, when I wrote the post, ended up being a […]




  I’ve been reading Young Adult books recently, in order to understand what my novel needs to do/not do for this age range. Something I wasn’t prepared for has been the pace. The first three – The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska by John Green, and Someone Else’s Life by Katie Dale […]