How will you survive without me?

I haven’t blogged for well over a week. Did you miss me? Has the world slammed to a halt because I haven’t added to the daily internet conversation? Unlikely. I often see articles like this one on Copyblogger that suggest you need to blog daily to keep your audience interested. And then I see posts like this on My Year Without Spending, announcing she needs a break and hopes not to lose readers.

Now I know that I have lots of things that are important in my life that need doing each day. Like getting up, brushing my teeth, eating, taking time with people and earning some money. Making sure every day I read a certain blog doesn’t feature high on my list. For a start, there’s so many different voices I want to hear on different topics and in different media. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t post on their blog for a while. My RSS Reader or my email subscription will alert me if there’s something new to look at. I’m not sitting around waiting for that all important life changing post. I might wonder, if they’ve been a regular blogger and I don’t get anything new through, whether everything is alright in their world. And that’s it. 

Could it be there is an element of ego here? In the workplace you might have come across (or even be) someone who feels the whole place will collapse without you. Admittedly there might be some people who are so integral to the success of something that nothing can happen whilst they’re not around. But is that nothing that happens actually that important? If you’re the only brain surgeon around, then yes. If you are the one engineer in the world who knows how to stop an oil spill, absolutely. Bloggers? Perhaps not.

So if you’re a blogger and you feel guilty for not getting that post done today, this week or even this month, relax! Step away from the cultural fixation with quantity and focus on quality. Blog because you want to, not because you feel you must. And if you want a practical take on this, read‘s post.

Until next time…I hope you will survive without me.

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