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I’m sitting outside in glorious weather surrounded by forget-me-nots. It feels like it’s been a busy time since I last posted, at least, as busy as my energy levels have allowed. I’ve been knitting away as usual. The jumper at the top is made from the back and sleeves of a baby jumper my mum abandoned knitting some years ago. Rather than unravel it, I realised I could work out a matching front in shape and size, and use some of my acrylic stash. I am really pleased with the result. I did have to unpick the seam on the neck a bit as I’d made it too tight, but instead of unravelling I just made 2 little shoulder triangle inserts and added a button on one side. Once I’ve knitted a few more bits and bobs to go with it, it will wing its way to a charity.

Knitting has been on my mind a lot, more than on my needles, as I continue to develop a vegan lifestyle. I had decided that I would still use wool, but from humanely kept sheep, and also on the unknitting side, eat eggs from rescued hens. But after much internal debate and reading, I have decided to let these go too. I’m now on the search for eco-friendly non-animal knitting yarns, which is proving a challenge. In the meantime I am using up the wool I do have.

It’s been interesting to see that much of the vegan information, e.g. blogs, online relates to diet. Veganism goes much wider than food into every aspect of lifestyle and for me, those aspects are much harder to tackle. At the same time, I am feeling so positive about going vegan. Maybe it is because it is a lifestyle change that is not health-related for once. But it’s also because I know I am doing something for much wider than myself, and that has always been an important part of my values.


The last few weeks have also been occupied with adjusting to Bobby’s needs whilst he recovers from surgery for a burst benign cyst. We’re almost there! On the vet’s suggestion, and with some online searching, I made him a t-shirt out of one of mine to stop him from licking the wound. Even the vet was impressed it when we went back for yet another post- op check yesterday.


I have also managed to make more progress with the garden. Several of our windowsills are looking like this one above. I decided to plant all the seeds/beans I have, most of which are well past their use by date. It is an experiment to see what if anything will still grow. Hopefully they’ll be at least a few plants!

I’ve also moved the compost bin, which proved to be one of those jobs you regret half-way through and took several days. Today I have at last bagged up all the masses of branches and twigs from shrubs I’ve been cutting back/removing. Now that I can see the soil again in that patch, I have started creating my insect hotel log pile.

And last of all, I have managed a little writing. Evenings seem to be my time, when my brain feels free to focus, and I’m finding going to my bureau desk in the craft/guest room to handwrite is working. I keep to a maximum of 20minutes, and some evenings I am just too tired, but like the garden, the knitting, and the veganism, a little progress is fine by me.



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One thought on “Spring is springing

  • Vivienne Palmer

    I’m very interested in your vegan journey, Alison – I’m moving in that direction myself, having been vegetarian for years. And I too struggle with the question of knitting wool! There’s cotton, of course, but then cotton is hardly environmentally friendly either.