Personal development
Lawyers can fall into the trap of wanting to get everything 100% right. This sort of behaviour has a negative impact on them and those around them. Find out here how those involved in the development of lawyers can help. Helping lawyers overcome the perfectionist trap

What helps to get a new team working together effectively? This article introduces the “3 Ps and a C” model. The 3 ‘P’s and a ‘C’ of Effective Teams – Part 1

Part 2 looks at some of the challenges teams face using the “3 Ps and a C” model and gives tips on when it’s time to disband. Effective teams Part 2

Requests for team building activities need to be well thought through if there is going to be a good return on investment. Here we explore some of the challenges that trainers and facilitators face when someone says ‘what can you do with 40 people in 1 hour to make them a team?’ When is team building pointless