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Ecotherapy art & following the Pole Star

    This is my first week after finishing therapy. It has been 18 months this time around and along with the Foundation course last year, has made such a difference to how I am. Before mum returned to hospital and entering house moving anxiety, I made the decision to […]

Three thoughts

1. With all the rain has come a lot of mud and a lot of green life   2. This post on rest is excellent. So much resonates (like letting go of the need to do only intellectual things) and I had a lightbulb moment when it came to the point […]




  I’ve been reading Young Adult books recently, in order to understand what my novel needs to do/not do for this age range. Something I wasn’t prepared for has been the pace. The first three – The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska by John Green, and Someone […]

Trying to stay on the path

I was having a really good day until I decided to start tidying for a viewing tomorrow. As I tidied upstairs, I also tried to do a little decluttering. I did longer than I planned. Bobby started really misbehaving. I became overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that isn’t mine […]



Relaxing is not the same as resting 4

Last week I went away for a rest. I stayed at Claridge House in Surrey. It’s a Quaker Retreat Centre that welcomes anyone. I wanted somewhere that was quiet and where I would be fed. The only times I needed to fit in with were mealtimes, afternoon tea – most important […]

Mourning ritual – being the same & different 4

This morning I returned to the walk I did last week. I had no clear impulse of where I needed to go so I decided that returning to the same place was good enough. Interestingly I felt very different. This time, when I saw the re-instated land, I felt no […]