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Mourning ritual – being the same & different 4

This morning I returned to the walk I did last week. I had no clear impulse of where I needed to go so I decided that returning to the same place was good enough. Interestingly I felt very different. This time, when I saw the re-instated land, I felt no […]


Podcast no. 12 – Stacey, space and solos

I finally managed to shift from inertia this afternoon and talk about my mini-retreat Fridays. Also, meet Stacey, my ‘being’ who is keeping an eye on me from the mantlepiece.     listen to ‘Stacey, space and solos’ on Audioboo Edited with BlogPad Pro

Even the most beautiful die sometime 3

My friend, Marigold, from the Sustainably Creative forum, sent me a lovely poem in response to the last podcast. It’s theme, about the changing of the seasons, reminded me of Cherry Blossom. Sometime last year I did a visualisation with my Ecopsychology mentor in which cherry blossom appeared, as part […]

Podcast no.8 – Coming out of the basement 3

Today’s podcast recorded after eating my lunch in the car – I always think of beetroot sandwiches and penguin biscuits at such times – is about the importance of daylight. And I make a commitment to myself.     listen to ‘Coming out of the basement!’ on Audioboo Edited with […]