Modern life

A modern dilemma: a cycling helmet and nature or high heels and mirrors?

A couple of weeks or so ago I caught a brief clip of a promo for Daybreak – the ITV breakfast programme – saying that Kelly Brook was going to be on talking about how you can go cycling and still look good. I hadn’t realised but Kelly has been one […]

In the garden

Lavender field

What are ‘ecopsychology’ and ‘environmental psychology’?

In the coming months I will be writing regularly about ecopsychology and environmental psychology. So let’s start by talking about what they mean. Experience Since childhood I’ve been aware of the impact the environment has on how I feel. During the primary school years I was lucky enough to live in a little […]

Can you be half-radical?

I love reading Oliver Burkeman’s columns from The Guardian. There’s usually something that finds me nodding my head vigorously in agreement going ‘That’s just what I’ve been thinking.’ This week it was on when being radical isn’t being radical, i.e. still operating within the same overall paradigm. I particularly liked […]

Do you have an interesting insight into your self development? 2

I’m currently writing a book about self development and I want to include insights/stories from individuals around the world. Here’s some background… What do I mean by self development? I mean anything to do with developing yourself. I see it as an umbrella term that encompasses anything from self-help through to learning […]

Brancaster Beach

How often do you spend time in silence? 2

Did you see The Big Silence on BBC2 (UK) last Friday? It was part 1 of 4 about a group of individuals who have signed for a 8-day silent retreat. At the end of Part 1 the clips of the next episode suggest that they didn’t find it easy. Having read, and […]

Learning – utility and passion

I love learning. Admittedly things like quantum physics and the intricacies of brain surgery are not areas I’m drawn to, but I’m sure, in certain circumstances I could be. I’ve been thinking about this whilst reflecting on my experiences as a  new tutor with the Open University. Academic study clearly has very formal […]

What are friends for?

Back in March, Oliver Burkeman wrote an interesting piece in The Guardian ‘Are our friends really just marketing tools..’. He talks about the marketing gurus who emphasise the need to invest in relationships in order to get something back. Burkeman argues that increasingly friendships are seen as a means to […]

How will you survive without me?

I haven’t blogged for well over a week. Did you miss me? Has the world slammed to a halt because I haven’t added to the daily internet conversation? Unlikely. I often see articles like this one on Copyblogger that suggest you need to blog daily to keep your audience interested. And then I […]